Day 45: Supreme Assembly Chamber

Oily Majils is to Uzbekistan as the House of Representatives is to the United States.  Founded during the transition between the Supreme Soviet of the Uzbek SSR and the Parliament of an independent Uzbekistan, the Supreme Assembly was responsible for adopting the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan as the basis for what has evolved … Continue reading Day 45: Supreme Assembly Chamber

Day 50: Tashkent International School

The halfway point of our countdown seems an appropriate place to revisit our reason for being here in Uzbekistan, Tashkent International School.  Our journey began three years ago when we decided to take a huge leap of faith by pressing a career reset button and embarking on a journey that would offer an indefinite extension … Continue reading Day 50: Tashkent International School

Day 52: Assumption Cathedral

One only has to look back to the period of Russian Imperial colonialism in Central Asia for the first evidence of the Russian Orthodox Church in Uzbekistan.  As early as the 1840s, Siberian Cossacks began to settle what would eventually become Russian Turkistan bringing their faith along with them.  Russian settlers poured into Uzbekistan in … Continue reading Day 52: Assumption Cathedral

Day 55: Chorsu Bazaar

One of the largest markets of its kind in Central Asia, the domed Chorsu Bazaar in Tashkent reflects on a centuries old tradition of indoor markets designed to protect shoppers and merchants from the dust and heat of the harsh Uzbek climate.  Located in the oldest part of Tashkent, this bazaar has been known since … Continue reading Day 55: Chorsu Bazaar

Day 61: Palace of International Forums

If there were ever a venue built to impress, spared no expense, and tipped the scale for public projects with an infinite budget, Tashkent's Palace of International Forums is it.  Dedicated in 2009 on the occasion of the city's 2,200th anniversary, right in the center of town on Amir Timur Square, this spectacular example of … Continue reading Day 61: Palace of International Forums

Day 62: Barakhan Madrassa

If the Hazroti Imom Mosque anchors Tashkent's Hast Imam Square due simply to its size, Barakhan Madrassa provides the ensemble with its architectural monument of greatest historical significance.  With an eclectic history dating back to the 16th century, the picturesque blue domed madrassa takes up a prominent position directly across the square from the Hazroit Imom … Continue reading Day 62: Barakhan Madrassa

Day 64: Independence Square

Like Amir Timur Square nearby, Independence Square in central Tashkent has a long and interesting history.  Known today as "Mustaqillik Maydoni", the square, which is actually more of a large city park, used to be nothing more than a dusty frontier just outside the gates of the old city. Following the defeat of the Khanate of … Continue reading Day 64: Independence Square